At Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale, consignors price their own items. That's one of the reason the sale is so much fun to shop - the deals are amazing and prices really vary! After printing your tags online on white or your designated color of 67 lb. cardstock, you will complete the price (all prices end in $.00), size, and description on the tag with a pen (See pen colors below). Carefully consider the age and condition of an item when pricing. Scrutinize each piece as if YOU were planning to purchase it. Items that are priced too high will not sell! We suggest you price name brand items in excellent condition at approximately 1/5 of the original retail price.

Keep in mind your "competition." Will there be plenty of items like this one to choose from? There is always a plentiful selection of like-new infant sizes 0-9 months. They get little wear! Consider pricing these items on the low side. If your teeny sizes show any wear, we ask you to donate them to a great charity! Please bring only like new newborn - 9mo items to the sale and price them low. On the other hand, if you have like new, basic, brand name boys clothing in larger sizes, you will likely get the higher end of our recommended pricing as we have the fewest items in 2T and above boys sizes.

Remember these pricing tips:

  • You are including them in the sale in order to "SELL" them. Do not over-price. Most single clothing items are priced in the $2-$7 range.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a shopper and ask yourself, "Would I buy this item, in this shape, for this price?"
  • Try not to attach sentimental feelings to your price. Emotion will often lead to over-pricing.

Remember your discount options, too. At Kids EveryWear, you have the ultimate flexibility and control over pricing!

We will hold 50% and 75% off clearance sales on the final two days of the sale.

  • If you do NOT wish your items to be discounted, fill out tag info and price in red ink. We suggest you use red ink sparingly for those treasures you'd rather get back than discount.
  • If you would like to have your remaining items reduced to 50% for the last two days, price in green ink.
  • If you would like to try to sell ALL, price in black ink. But don't price higher just because you use black ink! Your remaining items will be reduced to 50% on the second to last day and then to 75% off on the final day, after they have been offered at full price for several days. This is the best option if you want to sell all!


Need help pricing toys & equipment and cannot remember the original price? Google the item. Be sure if you use ebay to only check SOLD item listings and price lower as you don't have to ship your items.




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